Technical Review

Our Technical Advisory Committees are three to four member groups of nationally known experts who are responsible for advising the state on how to conduct the analysis in the most technically sound manner. We have a technical advisory committee that assists us with our modeling analysis, a committee that advises us on the best use of our Planning Tool, and a committee that gives us advice about incorporating cultural heritage appropriately in the plan. Each of these committees has met many times with the team to provide in depth guidance and feedback.

Planning Tool

 Name  Affiliation  Areas of Expertise    
Ben Hobbs Johns Hopkins Editor Risk Management Journal; environmental and energy systems analysis and economics; multi-objective and risk analysis; ecosystem management
John Boland Johns Hopkins Environmental economics; water and energy resources; public utility management
Len Shabman Prof. Emeritus, Virginia Tech, Independent Consultant Evaluation protocols for large-scale water resources programs


 Name  Affiliation  Areas of Expertise
Steve Ashby United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE – ERDC) Biogeochemistry of surface and groundwater systems
Fred Sklar South Florida Water Management Division Wetland restoration; landscape ecology and modeling
John Calloway University of San Francisco Wetland restoration; wetland plant ecology and sediment dynamics
Si Simenstad University of Washington Estuarine/coastal ecology; food web structure; juvenile salmon ecology

Cultural Heritage

 Name  Affiliation  Areas of Expertise
Don Davis Professor Emeritus, Louisiana State University, Sea Grant Geography; oral history; humankind in landscape evolution and change
Carl Brasseaux Professor Emeritus, University of Louisiana, Lafayette Acadian/Cajun and Creole history and culture
Maida Owens Louisiana Office of Cultural Development Anthropology; Louisiana Folklife & traditional cultures