Scientists and Engineers

Our Science and Engineering Board was made up of experts with national and international experience. This group provided independent review of plan elements and recommended ways that we can improve our work. The Science and Engineering Board participated in five multi-day meetings, as well as 13 webinars. Individual board members worked intensively with the planning team on focused elements of the plan, providing guidance at every juncture of the process.

William Dennison, Chair Univ. of Maryland – Center for Environmental Science Coastal ecosystem ecology; bio-indicators; science policy, integration, and communication
Charles Groat, Co-Chair University of Texas, Austin Energy, mineral, and water resources; geomorphology and stratigraphy of coastal and fluvial systems; role of science in policy formulation and decision making
Greg Baecher University of Maryland Risk analysis
Ed Barbier University of Wyoming Economics; valuing ecosystem services
Philip Berke University of North Carolina Land use and environmental planning and policy, environmental analysis and planning theory
Virginia Burkett USGS Climate change; forested wetlands
Robert Dalrymple Johns Hopkins University Coastal engineering, wave mechanics, fluid mechanics, littoral processes, and tidal inlets
Jos Dijkman Consultant Flood Management Engineer; Dutch Experience
Katherine Ewel University of Florida Wetland ecology
Ed Houde Chesapeake Biological Lab Fisheries science and management