Planning Team

The Planning Team is responsible for developing the Master Plan. The team is made up of staff in the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority along with consulting engineers and other advisors.

 Name  Affiliation  Master Plan Role Area of Expertise
Kirk Rhinehart CPRA Chief of Planning Integration of planning efforts of the coastal protection and restoration activities
Karim Belhadjali CPRA CPRA Program Manager Long-term coastal protection and restoration planning; fisheries management
Carol Parsons Richards CPRA Team Member Systems assessment; adaptive management
Mandy Green CPRA Team Member Coastal planning; contract management
Melanie Saucier CPRA Team Member Environmental management; sustainable tourism
Michele Deshotels CPRA Team Member Environmental policy and community resilience
Russ Joffrion CPRA Team Member Geotechnical engineering
Kristen DeMarco CPRA Team Member Coastal Management; Environmental Science
Natalie Snider CPRA Science Communicator Coastal science and engineering; technical communication
Andrea Galinski CPRA Team Member Illustration of complex socio-environmental issues
Cindy Paulson Brown and Caldwell Program Director Environmental engineering; water quality; water resources; program management
Lucila Silva Brown and Caldwell Program Management Project management; federal coordination; environmental permitting and compliance including NEPA
Joanne Chamberlain Brown and Caldwell Program Management Coordinator Ecological restoration design and planning; project management
Joe Wyble Brown and Caldwell Team Member Coastal restoration; sedimentology; technical coordination; planning
Alaina Owens Brown and Caldwell Team Member Coastal ecology and restoration; technical coordination and management
Hal Clarkson Brown and Caldwell Team Member Structural and nonstructural flood protection planning
Leslie Suazo Brown and Caldwell Team Member Coastal Advocacy;
local public outreach
Brett McMann Brown and Caldwell Project Definition Coastal engineering and restoration
Amy Clipp Amy Clipp Writing Technical Writer Technical writing; public outreach strategies
David Groves RAND Corporation Planning Tool Policy analysis; natural resource planning; decision-making under uncertainty
Sally Sleeper RAND Corporation Team Member Science and technology policy; organizational effectiveness; decision making
Chris Sharon RAND Corporation Planning Tool Decision analysis and optimization; analytic modeling
Debra Knopman RAND Corporation Team Member Water resources planning and management; hydrology; environmental policy; public administration
Denise Reed University of New Orleans Senior Technical Advisor Sediment dynamics in coastal wetlands; sediment mobilization and deposition and marsh hydrology
Ted Pruett Brown and Caldwell Team Member Program and project management; construction management
Stephanie Hanses Brown and Caldwell Team Member GIS analysis of modeling output; technical coordination
Ann Redmond Brown and Caldwell Team Member Environmental permitting; Landscape-level planning; Wetland ecology and restoration; Ecosystem Services; Policy planning
Ken Ying Brown and Caldwell Team Member Coastal protection; coastal engineering; water resources; computer modeling; storm surges; sediment transports; estuarine hydrodynamics.
Christel Slaughter SSA Consultants Outreach and Engagement Strategic planning; strategic communications
Nick Speyrer SSA Consultants Planning and Facilitation Strategic planning; facilitation
Scott Hemmerling USGS GIS Specialist GIS for cultural resources, coastal protection and restoration
Jason Byrd USGS GIS Specialist GIS data management & coordination
Rocky Wager USGS GIS Specialist GIS for coastal protection and restoration
Keven Lovetro USACE Lead-USACE Team Economist; flood risk management
Tawanda Wilson-Prater USACE USACE Team Flood protection management
Travis Creel USACE USACE Team Plan formulation