2012 Coastal Master Plan – Science and Engineering Board

The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) is developing the 2012 Louisiana Coastal Master Plan, the legislatively required five year update to the first coastal master plan published in 2007. The Master Plan will present a list of projects that we believe represents our best investments for the coast. As a part of this effort, we assembled a Science and Engineering Board (SEB) to provide independent review of plan elements and recommend ways that we can improve our work. Our Science and Engineering Board is made up of experts with national and international experience in the technical disciplines found in the plan.

We recently sat down with the Science and Engineering Board to ask them why this effort is important, how it is different, and why the nation should care about it.

Total Length: 5:45


The Delta Floods: A Story of the Mississippi

A project produced by the project was produced by the LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio.

Total Length: 9:45


YouTube Video of "Land Area Change in Coastal Louisiana (1932 to 2010)"

Restoring American Delta

The Mississippi River Delta is sinking at an alarming rate. To make informed decisions about the actions required to fix it we need to understand how the delta was formed, its importance for both wildlife and people, as well as the causes of the precipitous land loss. This video reviews these concepts while guiding us on a visually stunning journey through the under-appreciated Louisiana wetlands.

Total Length: 24:20


YouTube Video of "Restoring America's Delta"

Land Area Change in Coastal Louisiana

Coastal Louisiana wetlands make up the seventh largest delta on Earth. They contain about 37 percent of the estuarine herbaceous marshes in the conterminous United States and support the largest commercial fishery in the lower 48 states. These wetlands are in peril because Louisiana currently experiences about 90 percent of the total coastal wetland loss in the continental United States. Documenting and understanding the occurrence and rates of wetland loss are necessary for effective planning, protection, and restoration activities.

Total Length: 5:15