2007 Master Plan

The state continues to work toward implementation of the 2007 Coastal Master Plan, having begun construction of more than 48 projects and dramatically increasing program activity and its financial commitment to the coast.  In keeping with the mandate of Act 8, the 2007 plan had a comprehensive focus on the coastal system’s overall needs.

Since 2007, the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority has:

  • Built or improved 159 miles of levees
  • Benefited 19,405 acres of coastal habitat
  • Secured approximately $17 billion in state and federal funding for protection and restoration projects
  • Identified and used dozens of different federal, state, local, and private funding sources for projects
  • Moved over 150 projects into design and construction
  • Constructed projects in 20 parishes
  • Constructed 32 miles of barrier islands/berms

The 2007 Coastal Master Plan established the foundation for our work, particularly its emphasis on improving protection from storm flooding and creating a sustainable ecosystem. The 2007 master plan’s comprehensive approach was reflected in its objectives, principles, and conceptual project ideas. We built on this foundation for the 2012 Coastal Master Plan, but we went one step further and identified specific projects that represent sound investments for Louisiana.

2007 Master Plan Features that We Carried Forward:

  • Comprehensive look at how to protect and restore Louisiana’s coast
  • Use of the Mississippi and Atchafalaya Rivers to address the root causes of land loss
  • Integration of hurricane protection and ecosystem restoration measures
  • Broad concepts and strategies for moving forward
  • Improved coastal modeling effort
  • Focused objectives
  • Incorporation of stakeholder ideas


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