Master Plan Receives Unanimous Approval

On May 22, 2012, the Louisiana Legislature unanimously approved the 2012 Coastal Master Plan. As the final plan worked its way through committee hearings and both the State Senate and House of Representatives, the Master Plan received unanimous approval from the Senate Natural Resources Committee, the Senate Transportation, Highways & Public Works Committee, the Louisiana State Senate (34-0), the House Natural Resources and Environment Committee, the House Transportation, Highways, & Public Works Committee, and the Louisiana House of Representatives (94-0).  As such, the State of Louisiana has formally adopted the Master Plan to serve as the blueprint for all future coastal protection and restoration efforts in Louisiana.

The CPRA’s 2012 Coastal Master Plan is based on a two year analysis involving some of the state’s best scientists as well as national and international specialists. The state used this analysis to select 109 high performing projects that could deliver measurable benefits to our communities and coastal ecosystem over the coming decades. The plan shows that if these projects were fully funded, at a price tag of $50 billion, we could substantially increase flood protection for communities and create a sustainable coast. Learn more about the projects included in the Master Plan by clicking here.