Louisiana’s 2012 Coastal Master Plan

The 2012 Coastal Master Plan provides the information Louisiana’s coastal citizens need as they seek to take care of their families, manage businesses, and plan for the future. The projects in the plan strike a balance between providing immediate relief to hard hit areas and laying groundwork for the large scale efforts that are essential if we are to protect communities and sustain our landscape. Building on this path forward is our commitment to the coast.

We developed the plan by building world class science and engineering expertise into our decisions, so we could focus our resources wisely. By determining how to use our limited dollars, river water, and sediment to gain the most value, we have identified investments that will pay off, not just for us, but for our children and grandchildren.

Choices Lead To Action

The Master Plan will guide the state’s coastal investments for the next 50 years.  Some projects in the plan will be ready for design and construction.  If so, the state will begin those processes as quickly as possible.  Other projects may need further development.  In those cases, the processes will be fast-tracked.  In all cases, our aim is to drive effective and targeted action to save our coast.