Elements of the Plan

Two primary factors drove our decisions about the projects that should be in the 2012 Coastal Master Plan.

  1. How well did the projects reduce flood risk?
  2. How well did the projects build new land or sustain the land we already have?

The prominence we gave these two factors reflected the Master Plan’s mission as affirmed by citizens and local leaders. As anyone who lives in south Louisiana can attest, our communities need flood protection and our coast needs sustainable land. Putting these two factors front and center ensured that the projects we selected addressed the priority needs of the coast. Because there are many preferences among Louisiana residents on how to restore the coast, we created a set of additional decision criteria that represent what is most important to coastal residents and business owners. We also wanted to consider the effects of protection and restoration projects on the natural resources or ecosystem services that make our coast a Sportsman’s Paradise and provide hundreds of thousands of jobs.

The following were used as key decision points throughout this process:

  • Maximized community flood risk reduction and land building
  • Used a balanced allocation of protection and restoration funds
  • Divided investment equally between near and long-term benefits
  • Considered a range of future environmental uncertainties (sea level rise, subsidence, etc.)
  • Chose projects that perform best if future coastal conditions track our less optimistic scenario
  • Considered effects of projects on ecosystem services (fisheries)

The List of Decision Criteria and Ecosystem Services are provided below. More information on these can be found in Appendix B.

Additional Decision Criteria Used in the Analysis:

Distribution of flood risk across socioeconomic groups
Flood protection of historic properties
Flood protection of strategic assets

O&M costs
Support for navigation
Use of natural processes
Support for cultural heritage
Support for oil and gas

Ecosystem Services in the Master Plan:

Freshwater Availability

Saltwater Fisheries
Freshwater Fisheries
Carbon Sequestration
Nutrient Uptake

For more information on the Ecosystem Services considered in the Master Plan, please refer to the 2012 COASTAL MASTER PLAN document by clicking here.